Fine Dining Restaurants in Suffolk County NY: Michelin Plate and Cocktail-Recommended

Discover six exceptional restaurants with Michelin plate & cocktail recommendations in Suffolk County NY! From North Fork Table & Inn to The Crown - find out more!

Fine Dining Restaurants in Suffolk County NY: Michelin Plate and Cocktail-Recommended

Ruth Watson is renowned for her uncompromising attitude when it comes to food. She and her team have high expectations for flavor and origin, so you won't find any purees, foams or twee gels on the plates. Rob Walpole is in the kitchen, serving up Italian dishes that will make your taste buds dance. Lunchtime is a great time to visit, as you can enjoy a tray of plates to share.

This month's à la carte menu includes gnocchi cacio e pepe, local fishing skates with crab and chicken butter, and porcini and guanciale pansoti with sage butter. The North Fork Table & Inn is an East End institution, located in a carefully preserved historic country house in Southold, Long Island. Chef John Fraser, who has been awarded 26 Michelin stars, and his team have revitalized the property and reinvented the dining experience. As a long-time supporter of the “farm to table” philosophy, John's dream has been to open a restaurant in North Fork, surrounded by farms, vineyards, and fisheries.

Cited by The New York Times as a place where “the food is as good as the views”, Lombardi's on the Bay in Patchogue is another great option. If you choose to have dinner at the restaurant, you can also help families in financial crisis by paying 3 pounds for invisible potatoes. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare is a restaurant located in the Hell's Kitchen district of Manhattan, at the back of the Hudson Yards food market.


, whose hobby (apart from making chocolates) is eating in Michelin-starred restaurants, approaches the menus with enormous ambition, always with the intention of going beyond what a fine-dining country pub can offer.

Justin and Jurga Sharp's restaurant is one of those rare gems in the world of Michelin stars, as it's casual yet still offers exceptional cuisine. Chef John Fraser has left his mark on the culinary landscape by redefining the role of vegetables in American cuisine, from imaginative fine-dining destinations to sentimental neighborhood restaurants. The River Cafe opened in Brooklyn in 1977 and is one of the oldest Michelin-starred restaurants in New York City. If you're looking for fine dining spots in Suffolk County NY that have been recognized with the highest honor, The Crown is a great option.

Located in Westleton, it's just a stone's throw from the Suffolk coast and is perfect for a stopover on your way to Walberswick, Southwold or Aldeburgh. The restaurant was also among the top 10 fine-dining restaurants in the country in TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice “Best of the Best” awards last year. For a more casual dining experience, guests can also dine in the bar room and choose between snacks and a limited à la carte menu. Chef Lee Bye is one of the best chefs in the region and he is a true supporter of young chefs.

In addition, Tuddenham Mill has been firmly established in the East Anglian gastronomic scene for some time. So if you're looking for an exceptional dining experience with Michelin plate and cocktail recommendations in Suffolk County NY, these six restaurants are sure to please.

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